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Simple Technique – Visual Guide


Apply the magnetic eyeliner using any technique you prefer to get the look you really want


Use the tweezers to place and adjust the eyelashes on the line in a split second and…


Boom! You’ve got the perfect natural look for your day!

Real Reviews

I received them as a gift a few days ago and I can say that I am very satisfied ... They last all day, I had no problems with peeling them .. The box looks "bomb" 😁😁 ... I will order for sure in the future.

Willow W.

I absolutely love this lash, it sticks and its sooo pretty with any look even with just eyeliner.

Ruby R.

Satisfied with their quality. After several attempts, they are really easy to put on. Before putting them I used mascara. I took them for special occasions.

Elly S.

Love love these lashes. I tried out my lashes on Father's day BBQ. I received so many compliments about them and I demonstrate for them how it works. I realize though I can only do a few demo before they won't stay on. Other than that I love them still.

Dana D.

I love these lashes. Normally I don't do lashes because I can never get them on right. These went on so easy. I'm a convert. I've already ordered several more pairs.

Mayra D.

You guys just got yourselves a faithful client. I can finally stay chill with the lashes. Had several pairs from random places that just kept falling of after a few hours or in a small rain. But with these? I am not worried anymore.

Joy D.

These were super easy to use! And very very light.. had no problem getting them on or taking them off..
No more lash extensions for me! I’m just going to use these bad boys!

Jana S.

At first I had a hard time putting the lashes on(I had never worn fake lashes before) but once I got them to adhere to the eyeliner on my lid(and not what got on my actual lashes) they fit right into place. At first they felt weird to have on my eyes and lowkey heavy, but I stopped noticing it after awhile and they looked so pretty! They stuck ontRead more about review stating Lovely Lasheso the liquid eyeliner so well, they did not move all day, and they really make your eyes POP!

Leah D.